Interact Test

Your IP address is:

1. Manual Tests

  1. Go to Was able to load google page and see email on top right?
    Please login using student credentials. (Teacher / Admin logins will not work with Interact)
  2. Enter the user email displayed on the top right of page (e.g.
  3. Go to display domain not registered page) and display "Connection to Hapara RC Auth is OK"). Was able to load the pages?
    Please ensure your school's firewall / proxy has the following whitelisted:
    • and
    • wss:// on port 443
    • ws:// on port 80
  4. Is the Interact extension installed and enabled: Chrome Menu >> Tools >> Extensions

    Check that the latest Hapara Interact Teacher Dashboard Ext has been installed and enabled on the Chromebook. If not please install the extension from the Chromebook Management Console or alternatively using the Chrome Webstore (see installation).

    • When using the Chromebook Management Console to deploy the extension, it can take up to a day for the extension to be deployed to the Chromebooks, and occasionally this may not work without a reboot of the Chromebook. Please ask the students to shut down and restart their Chromebooks, as this should force the extension to be installed.
    • If you are using the Chromebook Management Console and using sub org units, please ensure that all sub orgs have "use inherited" enabled so all sub orgs will also install the Interact extension. You could also manually add the extension for each sub org, as required if you do not wish to use the inherited option.
    • If you are not using the Google Chromebook Management Console to push out the extension to your Chromebooks, you will need to install the extension again every time a new user uses the Chromebook. This is because extensions are installed individually against each user on a Chromebook.

2. Automated Tests

3. Send results to Hapara

Please raise a support request at Support Forum with a screenshot of this page.

Also please attach a copy of the output from the javascript console: Chrome Menu >> Tools >> Javascript Console